Friday, 22 February 2008

Hmmm.. 10 yrs behind the rest !

The above icture was featured on the Home Page of Red Bubble.

So 10yrs behind the rest of the world I have joined the blogging game. I have to be honest the word "blogging" put me off for a start. What kind of a word is that ?

I'm not the sort of person who rushes to engage in public activity that sounds more like some sort of group sexual perversion than simply keeping a diary. "Blagging" I could deal with.. thats just "exaggerating your own importance" and blagging is quite apt considering some of the blog entries I have read.

Anyway, somewhat reluctantly and still fearing some sort of secretive society, I'm here. I am now officially a "blogger"

And here are some links for what I get up to for the most part. I've read the blogs on blogging.. I'm not blagging about this. I am led to believe that when you write a blog hordes of new friends instantly descend to read your every word.. and visit your links. So I am waiting with baited breath for you all.


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