Saturday, 14 June 2008

I got this email from a superb French artist Pascale Baude the other day.. I like what she says, even in broken English makes a great deal more sense than many to me.

I like your way in the photo… the serie of Anglezarke, Blue bay too. very “clean, abstract & “presque” conceptual… = This sensation of lake of silence… lake of vacuum…
To do a “frame” which “frames” nothing… nothing in particular… simply bits of colors, shapes… without “subject” ! What you tell me = exactly, it’s “sensible in your compositions.

For Skidda I’ve used “troubling”, not exactly for the rock but for this great great similarity between these lichens on the rock – your photographic glance – and your graphic works… similarity, so large osmosis… with the first vision – the very first second when the eye is in contact with an image, before even to have started to analyze =I saw not a worked over again photograph but l’ve seing one of your drawings, or another manner of drawing… // with the series of the turns and the black flowers ” naissant” with the feet of the destroyed towers…
I was “troubling” with my perception…*

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