Sunday, 3 August 2008

Collaborative International Projects

I am delighted to be currently engaged in a couple of interesting international collaborative projects.

The "Tuna Tin Project" is an idea developed by Soxy Fleming and based on the work of French artist Pascale Baude. For more info on this click here. The Tuna Tin was posted from Australia to France.. and I believe is now winging its way to me. I have my suspicions it will never get past the UK customs but you never know.
More info on the Tuna Tin

I've been told on several occasions that a number of my works look like quilts, so
I am also delighted to be working collaboratively with Cathy Stewart an American quilt artist who is creating a quilt based on my Metropolis work.

I am looking forward to some interesting outcomes from these projects..
Stay tuned to this "channel" for further developments..

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Abbie Shores said...

Can't wait to see the outcomes :)