Saturday, 5 December 2009

Collaborative series of works

I've recently been involved in an extended collaborative series of works.
I spotted this image by Denis Dalby
And who takes notice on Red Bubble. I'd wanted to create an image based on torn posters for awhile... so Denis's photo fitted the bill. Denis kindly agreed to send me a copy.

I've also had a few textile artists tell me some aspects of my work are close to textile art.. I like texture and repetitive lines and shapes. The link below details how Canadian textile artist Lorraine Roy picked up on my image (based on Denis's image) and in turn created an entirely new work based on my image. The image Lorraine has posted at the very top left via the link below is Stop 3 which is my image inspired by Denis Dalbys photo.

Juding by some of the comments on the message boards other artists are interested in developing this colloborative series further. One of thing I really enjoy about all of this is that there is no plagerism going on.. we all see potential for new entirely images in other artists works !

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