Saturday, 24 April 2010

Common People

Sorry couldn't resist..

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leelee said...

I really enjoyed looking at your blog. You have such a feel for architectural elements. I love your buildings. Did you study architecture? I’m an artist who specializes in the human form not buildings. I guess that’s why I admire you ability to create architectural art . I‘ve tried whipping out my T-square and triangle to get it absolutely symmetrical, but it just doesn’t look like yours. I have to admit that my buildings tend to be a mite lopsided and my windows never seem to be absolutely symmetrical which drive a perfectionist like me to absolute distraction. I guess I’m more use to creating and drawing the rounded curves prevalent to painted nudes or any aspect of the clothed human form. As a realist I find people are easy to render. Buildings present a problematic array of angular construction. I guess I’ll stick with my human art and you can keep drawing conceptual buildings.