Friday, 4 February 2011

Available in a store near you on Feb 11th !

Yes.. my work will be available at

Dwell is a bit like Habitat's competitive younger brother.. they sell online, through catalogues and have plenty of stores in the UK. So I hope all my Lancashire chums will be queuing through the night to be first to buy in Manchester on Feb 11th. Don't tell anyone but "signed" versions available from me.

The first person to post a photo of themselves in store standing next to this print, will get 10 points. And you know what points mean..

I know.. I know.. the "quality" of their photograph is absolutely terrible. I'm busting a gut to get it improved. My dear wife will not be parted from the sample provided now hanging in our Lounge... you just wouldn't believe how different from this it is.

P.S. My work will also be available in Habitat this spring..

Note : Sadly as yet my work is only available in store near you if you live in the DisUnited Kingdom.

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