Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to blog an artists work without getting into trouble !

Many people use an artists images without consent or acknowledging the artist. Images available on the internet are very often NOT in the public domain. This is the correct way to feature an artists work in a blog or on a personal website. Amiria features my work here My name is shown with the work and there is a link to my website. I have no objection at all to this type of use. Amiria who owns the blog has lots of very good info for students of art. There really is very little reason to use an artists work without acknowledgement. Just to be 100% certain the blogger sent me this message
"Hi Andy, Just letting you know I have featured one of your awesome artworks in a blog post I wrote to help high school art students: Line Drawings I have credited the image to you and linked back to your website. Hope you don't mind! (If you do, I will remove the image at your request). Keep up the great work! :) Amiria"
Do it right and the chances are most artists will "thank you" for promoting their work. Steal an artists image (yes it is stealing) by using an image without consent or acknowledgement and you risk being "named and shamed" or even being sued. If you think its unlikely you will ever be caught think again.. you would be surprised how many people report artists images being used without consent on art forums. Many artists routinely search on their image names to see where they are being used. If you want to build a reputation for blogging you'd be surprised how much damage taking images without consent can cause. Is it really worth all the aggravation.. when many artists will "thank you" if you do it the right way ? Andy Mercer's website

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