Friday, 22 February 2013

Facebook Sages

As a keen observer of social media (I try to participate as little as possible) I am struck by the number of posts that offer advice on the human condition, life and the universe.

I would characterise these posts as something along these lines.. a picture of a mountain or a wood with flowers with the words of wisdom superimposed on top.

These words usually take the form of things like "Know your inner self and the universe will be healed". I can safely say having dutifully read these posts for about ten years.. that I have not been inspired one jot by any of them.
With the above example I'm tempted to ask if this also applies to using Facebook and eating ?
If all these Facebook and G+ sages really know the answer to the problems of mankind and the planet, and can deliver it in an easy one liner.. how come the problems of planet and the people are getting worse ?
I would like to add that I have no idea how to resolve the worlds problems.
Rant over.
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