Sunday, 24 February 2008

Glorious February sunset at Morecambe Bay

A couple of weeks ago the weather settled down for a few days and allowed me to get out with my camera. We went for a walk along Morecambe promenade late one afternoon with the light fading, the tide was close to shore and the water was as calm as a mill pond. The sun dipped over the horizon and the light was fading creating some gloriously subtle colours. If your interested there are plenty more pictures like this one at The top picture has not been altered in anyway, the colours are as the camera recorded them..

Friday, 22 February 2008

Hmmm.. 10 yrs behind the rest !

The above icture was featured on the Home Page of Red Bubble.

So 10yrs behind the rest of the world I have joined the blogging game. I have to be honest the word "blogging" put me off for a start. What kind of a word is that ?

I'm not the sort of person who rushes to engage in public activity that sounds more like some sort of group sexual perversion than simply keeping a diary. "Blagging" I could deal with.. thats just "exaggerating your own importance" and blagging is quite apt considering some of the blog entries I have read.

Anyway, somewhat reluctantly and still fearing some sort of secretive society, I'm here. I am now officially a "blogger"

And here are some links for what I get up to for the most part. I've read the blogs on blogging.. I'm not blagging about this. I am led to believe that when you write a blog hordes of new friends instantly descend to read your every word.. and visit your links. So I am waiting with baited breath for you all.