Thursday, 30 June 2011

Joke No 73

I've written a script for a film about an action hero who works in accounts.
The sequels going to be set in a different department.
This time it's personnel.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Welsh politico's rip off my art.

I was recently made aware that my artwork was being used on a Welsh political commentary site called
with neither my consent or any accreditation.

The image was removed after I contacted Daran Hill, the writer of the article. But in recent emails to Daran Hill and copied to Duncan and Adam Higgitt. It was Duncan Higgitt who responded (even though in previous emails he has denied working for the site) he also refuses to accept that payment is due for the 15mths my image was used on the site prior to its removal. It says on the site that Daran Hill is the editor..

This I believe is the same Daran Hill who recently appeared on the main UK wide BBC evening news as a commentator on Welsh political affairs.
" a political commentator and also manages Wales’ fastest growing public affairs firm, Positif Politics, which he founded in 2006. After ten years in the profession, he is one of the most authoritative public affairs consultants in Wales, is well-connected across the political spectrum, and is a current Executive Member and former Chair of Public Affairs Cymru, a Trustee of the Bevan Foundation and a Fellow of Institute of Welsh Affairs. His experience and communications ability has been recognised in numerous media performances. In 1997 he was National Organiser of the successful “Yes for Wales” devolution campaign, which won the referendum that led to the establishment of the National Assembly."

"Duncan Higgitt is a former editor and journalist with, among others, the Western Mail. After serving with the British army, he worked his way up through local free sheets and weeklies before joining the Western Mail in 1997 as a district reporter covering Mid Wales. He went on to work as news editor and features editor for the paper. He is press and political officer for Bethan Jenkins AM."

I wonder what senior management at the BBC would think about their casual approach to intellectual property rights ? I've exchanged a few emails with several people associated with You will notice if you have a look that quite a few prominent Welsh politicians and media types are regular contributors to the site. I've contacted several of these people over the last couple of weeks and they seem curiously reluctant to come out against the site. Does this indicate that the political establishment in Wales have a casual approach to intellectual property rights ?

The domain name is registered to Adam Higgitt who is identified as an editor of the site.
" the former Head of Policy for the Welsh Labour Party and author of the party’s 2003 manifesto. As a Special Adviser in the Northern Ireland Office, he was involved in negotiations to restore devolution and accelerate paramilitary decommissioning. He now works for Ofcom, and writes for in a personal capacity. Adam is responsible for the Home Truths and Review columns."

I am amazed these people are happy to be contributors to a site that does not seem to think artists should be paid for the use of their work.

In his last email Duncan Hibbitt (the same Duncan Hibbitt who emailed claiming he didn't work for told me it was their hobby site.

I think political commentary and punditary is their business and
waleshome is a vehicle for delivering this.
Looking at their CV's on the site they are hardly those of hobbists !

I requested the details of ownership, address etc to make my complaint official, they would not provide them. The information doesn't appear anywhere on the site, IMO this is a prerequisite for any legitimate organisation.

I really am quite appalled that people who place themselves in positions of authority seem to have such a cavalier attitude to intellectual property rights. Also politicians who associate themselves with an organization that believes they are immune to the law or that it does not apply to them must also become questionable as to how they will implement the law.

I'll leave you to be the judge as to whether I am ripping these "poor hobbists" off ? Am I demanding £2k.. or maybe £1k.. or even £500.. no I have sent them an invoice for £75.

The future of democracy, enterprise and the rule of law is clearly safe at !

Please feel free to pop over to and express your displeasure at their actions

Andy Mercer
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To be continued and expanded..

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Diana Ross's daughter selects my work for review at Zatista

I've never been one to miss a decent marketing opportunity so I was delighted to find out today that among the many thousands of works at Zatista Chudney Ross selected one of my works for review.

White City by Andy Mercer Digital on Paper, 13”h x 26”w, $288
A product of the big city, I am drawn to the urban landscape of this print. This is a city I want to jump into even with the chaos of the layering and busy texture of buildings. I love how the playfulness, the flower, and the sun lighten up the black and white scene to keep it whimsical and fun. - C.R.

Many thanks to Chudney for her excellent review..

Andy Mercer

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Red Bubble

Red Bubble's decision to remove contentious material from the site has come too late. RB is "damaged goods" now for me.. many seem happy to just carry on but I won't be going back.

The whole point of Red Bubble for me was the community aspect.. so when dissenting voices within that community were summarily suspended and even removed then for me that conclusively demonstrates the people who control RB have little regard for that community and it is time to move on. This was the clincher for why I left.

Red Bubbles print options were always poor you wouldn't go there for quality prints. It was the community of artists that made Red Bubble.. this episode proves to me that Red Bubble thinks it is bigger than its artists. It all reminds me a little too much of and the way they treated their artists.

I do draw a very real positive from this episode and it is that artists acting together can make a difference... and that the vast online artist community has the power to change things for the better. Artists acting together are powerful they can make or break a site. So for me when the same artists find another site with similar interactive capabilities they will make that site successful.. and RB will be history. Of course there might just be root and branch change at RB but in my experience this rarely works.. and when it does what's left of the original ethos is usually lost. I don't invest in any one organisation the right to host the premier online artists community in my view websites must gain and hold onto that right. As I see it RB lost that right so for me it is time to move on.

Good luck to my friends who stay.. I don't have any problem with your decision.
Keep in touch.

I wish I had the cash and contacts to develop a rival site on similar lines.. any takers ?