Friday, 27 June 2008

Buy one get one free

I know you art lovers like a bargain !
So I am offering a sensational BOGOF deal on my ART ! Buy an original picture from me (for the knock down price of $100,000 and get another of your choice free ! Thats right.. “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.”

Okay.. while your thinking about my amazing two for one deal, I feel I must explain what its going on because I am sensing some of my vast “watchlist” are getting bewildered and confused by the seemingly random nature of my artwork.. but I can now reveal that it is in fact not random at all. I am a man with a plan… to reinvent consumerism and the world of business ! And just for good measure I have invented a whole new art movement.. The New Consumerist’s !!

Of course every great sociological movement in society has to be called “new”.. New Labour.. New York.. Cromwell’s New Model Army.. Newton’s law of gravity So welcome to “Andy’s New World of Consumerism”

Please form an orderly queue.. you will be served at the next available desk.

(Wait 10 minutes)

Now that you have reached the front of the queue.. please follow this link for more details.

Thank you and have a nice day !*

1 comment:

Susan said...

Andy, thank you for graciously letting me know the Celtic Cruciform is yours. I apologize and have given credit (and links) where due. I'm fairly new to blogging, and haven't done a very good job of acknowledgements so far. I'm determined to do better in the future!

Again, thanks, and your art is fabulous, btw.