Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Art.com costs artists money.

Call me old fashioned but I sort of think that when an artist sells their art they should make money.. well apparently NOT at art.com. I've had an account there for quite a few years.. to be honest I never got round to deleting it and pop in from time to time to check if they have sold any prints of my works.

Art.com's reporting of sales has always been a bug bear of mine... it just doesn't seem right. Too many unexplained glitches for my liking.

I used to sell regularly on the site but this year there has been almost nothing in the way of sales. I've queried this a couple of times and when I managed to get a response was basically told that art.com's "sales reporting is fine but sales are just slow."

I've been toying with deleting my account but there are always 100 other things to do.

The other day I logged in to find that I had sold a work.. "yippee" you may think.. well no.. I got a minus commission. Now a minus figure usually happens when a work has been returned by the customer. Of course you have to take their word that the art work has been returned by the customer because they don't provide proof. But as the work has been returned it would seem to suggest it had sold in the first place.. and therefore you would expect it to appear in my sales reports. Needless to say it doesn't.

So as art.com's reports are "working fine".. I can only assume that art.com has now reversed the norm and started charging their artists when they make a sale.

Staying tuned to this channel..

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Abbie Shores said...

Whoa! warning bells ringing there.

Unknown said...

what a bummer.You should not be liable for a returned work.