Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fine Art America Developments

Brian McDunn at FAA has started offering independent artist websites as part of his POD operation. As someone who currently pays for a gallery template service I'm very interested to see how far he takes this.

The link is to a completely separate website developed and operated by FAA. Apparently anyone searching via this page.. will only search your works.. not the thousands on FAA. At present only limited customization is available but Brian says he is looking at developing this further.

I've wondered for awhile if the next stage for POD operations could well be to offer artists fully functioning websites with domain name integration as part of a complete online package for artists. I've never really understood the current division between gallery templates sites and POD operations. It always struck me that there was potential for POD expansion here.

I could never work out why Red Bubble have never developed their "bubblesite" concept further. Although I do understand that RB is "developing exciting new developments" to bring in this year.

There does seem to be some healthy competition developing to provide artists with the most complete service.

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