Monday, 4 April 2011

AV : Why every Brit should VOTE YES

I hoping that enough folks who really feel strongly on this issue will get out and vote "Yes" and the rest just stay at home.

This is the first and maybe the only chance in my lifetime to change the voting system.. no its not perfect but its certainly for better.. get out and vote YES !

Why should anyone ever be elected to represent an area on 30% approx of the vote ?
AV guarantees the winner must reach 50% i.e. a majority of the votes in any constituency.

This is one of the few times you will hear me say this "I agree with Ed Milliband"

For the undecided "what's wrong with the current system ?"

a) Not much more than 30% vote for any government.. which means 70% didn't vote for them. We get a minority government every time making policies that suit their narrow minority whether they be socialists or Tories at the expense of the majority.

Effectively under our current system.. a few marginals constituencies decide the outcome and a few swing votes in each marginal constituency make the difference. You can effectively say if there are 100 marginals seats and 5k-10k voters voting one way or another decide who wins.. this means that 500k to 1 million votes decide the result of the election. Everyone else's votes mean diddly squat.. so the politicians know if they target these key constituencies with sweeteners they can win the election.

The NO campaign are fighting a dirty campaign which I think speaks volumes.. they want it to be a referendum on Nick Clegg. Clegg eats babies..

But this is not about about Nick Clegg or Cameron.. its about a once in a lifetime chance to change the voting system for the better. Don't be fooled.. vote NO and the system will still be crap when Clegg and Cameron are pushing up daisies.


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